Vello vs Canon Battery Grips

With the exception of my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel, I've purchased battery grips for my subsequent three DSLRs. Despite adding weight to some already weighty cameras, I like the feel and balance that a battery grip adds not to mention the extra buttons for a vertical portrait position.  I also like the fact that I virtually never run low on battery power with a grip. 

When I acquired my Canon 5D Mark III last December, I gulped a bit at an added $299 for a Canon battery grip. I wasn't sure whether I would use a battery grip all the time on my Canon 5D and so spending $300 for an accessory that might spend most of it's time in my camera bag wasn't appealing.  That's when I found Vello camera grips. Vello makes camera accessories for both Canon and Nikon.

After reading several very positive reviews, I decided to give Vello a try.  As you can see by the photos below, the Vello battery grip is virtually identical to the Canon.  I've used mine now for 7 months and it has performed equal to the Canon battery grip on my 7D.  The controls all feel and act exactly the same as the Canon. The quality of the build seems to match the Canon. There's nothing about the grip that seems cheap, which is remarkable considering it cost a third of the price as the Canon.  I've had absolutely no issues with this grip and I would highly recommend it.  And by the way, it has not been off my 5D since I purchased it.  

Check out the article at Solo Shooter for a more comprehensive review. 
VELLO BG-C9 - Currently $99.95 at B&H Photo
 (Photo from B&H Photo)

CANON BG-E11 - Currently $299.00 at B&H Photo
(Photo from B&H Photo)