Canon 7D vs 5D

For those of you who might be interested I thought I'd do a little test between a 5D full frame camera and a 7D cropped image camera. The ISO and F-stop settings for both cameras were identical. The Photoshop changes are also identical.  The same 2 lens were used on both cameras. All photos are jpeg.

7D - 24mm

5D - 24mm

7D - 105mm

5D - 105mm    .... and yes I know it's crooked. =)

7D - 400mm

5D - 400mm

7D - Cropped from 400mm

5D - Cropped from 400mm

7D - Cropped from 24mm

5D - Cropped from 24mm

7D - Cropped from 105mm

5D - Cropped from 105mm